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I decided to start my own podcast series. I thought I should start with telling my own story. From the time I was in high school to where I am now. I never thought of myself as an academic, more of a hands on learner. I’ve always know the industry I wanted to be in so I started out working at my dad’s company. It turned out, I was really good at yelling at truck drivers, as a result I got my first leadership role shortly after moving to Alberta. Around this time I received a self-help book called “Think and Grow Rich”, this book launched me on a journey of learning and immense growth. This prompted me to move back to Ontario. Over the next few years and a few different jobs I learned some valuable leadership insights. Communication, trust and knowledge. I continued my education through books, seminars and real world experiences until one day I was approached by The John Maxwell Foundation and asked to become a Leadership Coach. Given my experience and knowledge, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share my story with others on a similar path and empower them to make a difference.

“Be better tomorrow than you are today” – Mark Nesbitt

Feeding our Minds is like Feeding our Bodies

Taking care of your body the most means eating a healthy balanced diet. While that is undoubtedly important, something many of us overlook is taking care of our minds. What we feed our minds daily has a direct impact on how we live, cope, and thrive not only in everyday life but as leaders. Without fueling our minds with quality information, just as our bodies do without proper nutrition, our minds can be negatively impacted. In this podcast, I discuss how to take care of not only yourself but also your people by feeding your mind with new information and facts so that you can continue growing as an individual and be the great leader you strive to be for your team

How to Hardscape Podcast


I was invited on Michael Pletz’ “How to Hardscape” podcast where we spoke about leadership from a hands on perspective. Learning that we need to lead ourselves before we can lead others and ensure we are creating a clear vision for our team. Each team and company will function differently but some key components to a strong team is having a mentor for new members and we need to be able to identify leaders. It’s important to invest in your team and provide them with resources such as virtual libraries or direct training. There are many government grants available to help with the cost. Ultimately, we must lead by example.

We attract who we are, not who we want.

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