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The Power of a Great Quote

Quotes are something that we must all recognize and appreciate. A single, inspirational set of words can go so much further than one may anticipate it to – hence their importance. Quotes can help people in varying ways, as each hold a different meaning in the eye of their beholder. With respect to leadership, frequent words of encouragement will not only boost the morale of your team, but will no less make you feel like a better person – a strong leader. Create a quote list. Invite people to “subscribe”, in a sense. Guaranteed you’ll notice a ripple effect: your
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The Checklist Manifesto

When you have an idea that you’d like to explore, or are about to complete an important task(s) do you keep track of its completion? Its successes? Its opportunities? The significant value of utilizing a checklist is something that can often be forgotten about or considered beneath our capabilities. Why bother with a checklist if everything is already mapped out for us in our minds? Wrong. And I’ll tell you why. Kudos to Kevin Pattison at the TPS Group in Sudbury, ON for recommending that I read “The Checklist Manifesto”. If you have yet to hear of this incredible book,
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Leaders are Speeders

Learn the importance of becoming a strong, efficient, and capable leader.  Leadership is something that, with diligent practice and proper training, can be encouraged and grown. This video embodies the concept of being “up to speed” with your own personal leadership abilities, as well as being mindfully aware of the pace in which your teammates are “driving” alongside you. As a leader, you must first grow yourself – become a speeder – in order to grow your people and, in turn, your business. Give your teammates the opportunity to grow as you see fit – don’t hold them back. According
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