Training Comes Full Circle 

I recently had the opportunity to hire one of the companies that I have been doing training with and this created some great learning opportunities. I have worked with Exact Interlock over the last few years and it was nice to be able to give back to them and hire them to do work at my own home. These are a great group of guys who took care of everything from the planning to the implementation of the landscaping around my home. I often do onsite and on the job training with my clients and I love working with the “boots on the ground” but this particular situation provided me with a unique opportunity; I was able to spend a lot of time with the team and in the role of customer, I was able to see many aspects of our ongoing training in a different light. It was also great to get to know them and build stronger relationships. My ongoing training with Exact Interlock has involved building leadership skills using John Maxwell’s principles of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. I have worked with employees entering leadership roles with the goal of not only bettering the individual being trained but also the company as a whole. While focusing on key concepts such as communication, effectiveness, influence, and respect, our trainings take a practical approach and the ideas are easily transferable to any situation or environment. Sometimes it really pays off to wear a different hat and assume a different role. I really enjoyed this opportunity to see Exact Interlock in action on my own property and I must say, their work is second to none. It was a great learning opportunity for all involved.



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