Attraction and Retention in a Post-Pandemic World 

Attraction and Retention in a Post-Pandemic World- It’s no secret, the pandemic took a toll on both the economy and the job market. We’re currently living through a labour shortage, where leaders struggle to attract new people and have a hard time retaining their best. Luckily, there are many ways to make your business more attractive to prospective and current employees alike.




Attracting new people has been difficult lately due to the labour shortage. This is simply an outcome of supply and demand, as people have more choice in where they work. 


This is why you have to promote the advantages of choosing your workplace over a similar role in another company. But don’t just preach the benefits, make them speak for themselves. Create a positive, goal oriented culture. Check in with your people frequently and ask what processes could be improved. Make sure that you’re motivating their heart, not just their wallet, and they’ll quickly become a long-term asset for your team.




I like to say that our people are our greatest assets. This is true for even the slowest of learners, as our people only appreciate in value as they learn and experience more in the workplace.


People won’t just stay on their own. As leaders, we need to give them reasons to stay, otherwise they will take their talents elsewhere. If you lead by example, your people will quickly learn what to do in order to succeed. Those motivated by success will have a clearer route to improve themselves both professionally and personally through your workplace, which also gives them motivation not to leave their teammates or projects behind.


Key Takeaways


Some key takeaways: Make sure to not only promote the benefits of working with your company but show them. Work amongst your people rather than from behind a desk and check in frequently to improve your productivity. Try to create a positive, goal-oriented work environment that will motivate your people to stay in the long-term.


If you have any questions about how to attract or retain your best, feel free to contact me or come attend one of my events!



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