Asking for help isn’t weakness, it’s maturity. 

Asking for help isn't weakness, it’s maturity. - As leaders, we carry the responsibility of being knowledgeable enough to answer questions when they’re asked. But in order to answer these questions, our people must first as+k them.


Although we may learn best from our mistakes, making them can sometimes cost you and your employer. If you’re unsure about something, it’s generally a good idea to ask about the process and do the learning beforehand.


In order to seek assistance though, you must first acknowledge that you are in need of help. Coming to terms with a gap in knowledge and asking questions about your own job may feel embarrassing, but in reality it takes a certain level of maturity to admit to your leaders what you don’t know.


For your people, learning to push past this fear is important not only for your business, but their own professional development. Because of this fear, though, many aren’t comfortable asking for help when they may need it. Make sure to build a work environment where your people feel comfortable seeking assistance by checking in frequently and communicating openly with them. Asking for help isn't weakness, it’s maturity.



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