“Assuming” is a leader’s biggest threat. 

I recently visited Southern Ontario and learned about the region’s extensive history. To their surprise, much of it was not being taught elsewhere in the province, and as a result is being somewhat lost to time. Similarly, in the workplace and especially as leaders, assuming that a responsibility is “someone else’s job” is a dangerous game. It’s easy to do, but in my experience it almost always leads to disorganization, dysfunction and problems for your company.

Leaders, Take Initiative

Take initiative. As a leader, you have the power to make a difference. If you see a problem, try to create a solution. If you see conflict, do what you can to help resolve it. Otherwise, things can quite easily burn out of control — harming your people, their work ethic, and your output as a result.

Sometimes, “taking initiative” can be as easy as regularly catching up with your people and truly getting to learn who they are. This way, when conflict arises, you can target the problem at its roots.



Assumptions often happen because of shoddy communication. Open, direct communication is the cornerstone of any successful workplace, and as a leader, it's your responsibility to foster an environment where it is encouraged.


Create channels for your people to voice their concerns. Share ideas with them and ask for input. Host regular team meetings, one-on-one check-ins and open discussions can help reduce assumptions and misunderstandings. By actively listening to your team's feedback, you not only prevent the growth of assumptions but also build trust and collaboration within your workforce.


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