Attraction and Retention: The Importance of Day 1 Onboarding 

Retaining employees is arguably one of the most important parts of leading a successful team and business. Sifting through resumes to interview viable candidates and find the employee that fits in best is one thing, but getting a new employee to stick around takes ongoing dedication to your team. 


When retention is low, it comes with many costs and consequences. Our team members hold specific knowledge, and often create a groove working with one another; When turnover is high, we experience a knowledge loss and effective teamwork suffers. However, higher employee retention leads to greater productivity, increased revenue, quality customer service, increased employee engagement, and a higher level of employee satisfaction, and it all starts with proper onboarding. 


Onboarding is a term used to describe the process of introducing newly hired employees into an organization. This allows employees to gain a thorough understanding of their new position or job requirements, and allows them to integrate seamlessly into the organization to feel like the valuable team member you know they can be. Once the employee receives their job offer, the onboarding process should begin. Here we discuss the Day 1 steps you should take to start your onboarding process on a high note. Following these steps will help you to build your team effectively from the moment they are hired, and help to create a workplace culture that your employees feel comfortable and confident being a part of long-term. 


New employees should be met by the owner or a senior member of staff. Ensure to tell the employee just how genuinely excited and happy you are to have them as a part of the team and let them know how much time you have dedicated to ensuring they are set up in their new position. New employees will be nervous, and this will help to put them at ease in their new surroundings.

How Your New Employee Fits In

An employee always wants to know how they will fit into their new company, and it's important to let them know if they are looking for somewhere to call home, they have found the right place. Take the time to introduce your company, and explain the care and passion that is put into everything that they do, and how valued each team member is. Explain to them that they were not just hired, they were selected among applicants based on their knowledge and skill set, and that the company will benefit from a team player like them.

Importance of Teamwork

In small businesses, there is a strong family mentality; The team works together, grows together, and relies on each other. Employees are proud of their work: they show up on time, take pride in their daily tasks and projects, and on special occasions stay late to complete a meaningful job. Stress the importance of punctuality, and that they are a part of a well oiled team that depends on one another to get the job done safely, and effectively. 

Site Tours and Meet and Greet

Take your new employee on a tour of various sites so they can better understand what the company does. Ensure to exemplify that everyone is treated with the same level of respect and gratitude; greet team members and customers as you see them and introduce your new hire as you go. Personally introduce your new employee to the Foreman and any other employees they will be working alongside and point out equipment operators on site, making them aware of your presence in their working space. Also, you should find time to discuss parking etiquette and any company policies that stand out.  As your tour wraps up, be sure to address specific tasks that will be assigned to them, and how excited you are for them to get started in their new role. 

While onboarding should begin at the moment of hire, how long it will take has no strict guidelines. However, to maximize employee engagement and minimize turnover, it is important not to rush the process. Work and mentor your new employee for as long as it takes for them to be contributing to the team with ease and comfort. 



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