Canadian Government Training Grants (and how we can help you get one!) 

While business for many may not be booming right now, this downtime provides companies a unique opportunity to take part in employee training and development programs to enhance business operations. At Nesbitt Training, we are dedicated to the continuing development of your team; We have been working with many employers via Zoom conferencing and with socially distanced site visits to help you become an even stronger company once businesses resume to a more predictable state. Ensuring your team receives top-notch industry knowledge is a great tool that underscores success, and we strive to help your business and your team thrive. Fortunately, the Government of Canada also recognizes the need for team education and development, and as a response, has introduced the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG). 

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant represents a joint investment between employers and the Government, offering direct financial assistance towards short-term training with the aim to re-skill Ontario employees as well as bridge any skill gaps. As an eligible third-party employer, which is required by the program, Nesbitt Training provides extensive support in selecting the appropriate curriculum to meet the learning needs of your existing employees while benefiting the needs of any new hires; By meeting with company supervisors, we get an accurate sense of what they feel needs attention and improvement within the business. We then personalize and tailor the learning materials around that to provide an informative learning experience for everyone. This inclusive approach in selection ensures that the knowledge you decide to introduce to your team becomes a new standard practice that will be beneficial for years to come. 

The COJG program covers a large portion of training costs for small businesses. For the small employers who are training and hiring unemployed individuals, and for “New Hire” trainee applications, assessment for 100% funding will occur, providing up to $15,000 per trainee. Employers can maximize their benefit from this grant by utilizing the money allotted for one person and stretching it further to accommodate training for multiple people within the organization. 

To be considered for the COJG grant, employers must complete an application to be submitted online. Once approved, the training must not exceed one year. As a qualified, registered private training company, Nesbitt Training is fully equipped to provide the necessary support to complete your application and expedite the process so that you can invest in the future and ready yourself for the next phase of business with even more strength than before. We look forward to working with you to improve the future of your organization. 


COJG Quick Facts:

  1. Large employers (100 or more employees) pay 1/2 of direct training costs. There is additional flexibility for small employers (fewer than 100 employees) to contribute 1/6 of eligible training costs.
  2. For large employers, Government support for available for up to $10,000 per trainee. Small employers who are training and hiring unemployed individuals may be eligible for 100% funding, and up to $15,000 per trainee. The applications with “New Hire” trainees will be automatically assessed for 100% funding.
  3. Training must be less than 1 year, and delivered by an eligible, third party trainer (which is OTEC).
  4. Employers are required to complete an application and submit it on-line in order for funding to be considered.



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