“If we become better, our customers will demand we become bigger.” – Truett Cathy


The above statement is what has inspired and has led Chik-fil-A to become what they are today: The Miss Congeniality of fast food beauty pageants. The Chik-fil-A restaurant chain has become extremely well known for their second-mile service, so much so that they have won one of the most prestigious awards that they could. According to a study conducted by restaurant industry magazine, QSR, the fried chicken joint’s employees are more polite with their customers than the employees of 14 other national chains. How? Put simply, Chik-fil-A is serious about providing extraordinary customer service. They’ve created a training facility for their franchise owners and their employees – complete with mock drive-thru windows – to ensure that the expectation of equal customer service is provided and presented across all restaurant locations.


Dan Cathy, Truett’s son, and now President the Chik-fil-A restaurant chain, will be one of the 4 speakers at this year’s LIVE2LEAD events. The events will be hosted by Mark Nesbitt Training and Consulting in Ottawa at the Centrepointe Theatre on October 21st, and in Sudbury at the Atlas Copco Theatre at Dynamic Earth right under the BIG Nickle on October 27th.  By attending LIVE2LEAD this year at either one of the above mentioned venues, you’ll gain new leadership ideas, make firsthand connections, and leave with a renewed energy.  See how the company that is rated #1 in customer service uses leadership as a tool to achieve the highest level of success and growth for their business.  Who knows what techniques you will gain and, as a result, learn to apply in order to have your customers singing praise about you – just like they do for Chik-fil-A.



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