Feedback Fuels Efficiency 

If there weren’t a scoreboard in hockey, there would be nothing for the team to work towards.


This goes for any company, large or small. Feedback is essential at every level to ensure your team’s efficiency and success. After all, how else would you know what’s working and what isn’t?


Feedback from your people gives you valuable insight as a leader.


If we don’t listen to them, they won’t listen to us. As a leader, it’s crucial to recognize that your perspective is somewhat limited. By actively seeking and listening to feedback, you demonstrate a willingness to adapt and grow.


Feedback from your team members can provide you with valuable information about your policies, procedures and work environment. Their insights and observations can shed light on your blind spots, uncovering new opportunities for your company to improve. Feedback not only enhances your understanding of your team's needs and aspirations, but also creates a culture of open communication and trust.


Your feedback empowers your people to succeed.

By providing an appropriate amount of constructive criticism and praise, your feedback will help your employees understand their strengths, weaknesses and contribution to the bigger picture — enhancing their self-awareness and personal development. It gives team members a clearer picture of their performance and enables them to align their goals and efforts with those of your company. When employees receive quality feedback, it will help them feel seen and valued, often leading to increased productivity and efficiency.


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