Could John C Maxwell be the secret to Hendrick Motor Sports’ winning success? 

For those of you who are major NASCAR fans like myself, you likely know all too well that in the past decade or so, Hendrick Motor Sports has completely dominated the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Not many can compare to their unbeatable, competitive force. Likewise, for those of you who have read Success Magazine, you will likely be familiar with reoccurring face of the #48 Lowes Chevy, Jimmy Johnson, and with good reason: his driving capabilities and untouchable talents have made him quite recognizable to the readers of Success as he, himself, is a well-rounded, successful champion. Rick Hendrick, the owner of Hendrick Motor Sports, has been a huge success in the car industry. According to, Hendrick now owns 72 car dealerships in 12 states. He is, without a doubt, a huge success. This said John C Maxwell is a very close friend and mentor to Rick Hendrick, and I strongly believe that he has played a very significant role in the team’s championship wins at Hendrick Motor Sports. It goes without saying that Rick knows the secret to building a successful team: in order to grow your company, you must grow your people – your team. Enjoy the word of the day featuring John C Maxwell and Rick Hendrick: Partnership.



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