Leaders, Keep your People in 2023. 

Leaders, Keep your People in 2023.


It seems as if almost every industry is in the midst of their own labour crisis. For our industry in particular, it’s hard to find people who stay, and even harder to keep your best around. It’s understandable if you complain about your struggles, but in order to change the way things are you actually have to do something. After all, who would be the one to set things into motion if not the leaders? Here are a few pointers to improve retention.


Check in with your people regularly.


We don’t leave the company, we leave the leaders.


It’s easy to lead from behind your desk, but that will never give you a realistic understanding of how things are going for those with their boots on the ground. Data analytics won’t tell you how your people are feeling, who’s got one foot out the door and who is being underappreciated for their efforts. This is only information you can get from checking in frequently with your people.


Create a work environment worth staying for.


As a leader, you need to create a culture that your people believe in.


Show your people that if they work hard, they will be noticed and appreciated for what they do well. In any workplace, what gets rewarded gets repeated. If you remove praise and recognition from the equation, the bar will eventually sink towards the bare minimum.


Most importantly: Take action.


As leaders, it’s our responsibility to take the steps necessary to keep our people. If you’re tired of complaining about staff turnover and ready to take some action, Nesbitt Training is a great place to start. Give me a call and let’s get 2023 off to a powerful start. (613) 402-5764



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