Making Your Company Attractive 

Making Your Company Attractive: 4 Steps to Becoming the Employer of Choice. Making your company attractive to potential workers is essential, particularly in response to the shortage of skilled trades workers we are experiencing today. It is no secret that employees talk, amongst themselves inside the company, and to friends and family on the outside. In terms of recruiting, word of mouth and employee reviews are effective and can sway potential employees either way.

This is what makes it all the more important to be filling the tanks of our people consistently. It not only does it help to create a good work environment, but to allow our businesses to grow and thrive by building up our workers at every level, and attracting the best potential workers to our company. 

Here is how you can become the employer of choice, and stand out to your team and to future prospects. 

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Hone Your Leadership Ability

Leadership within an organization is of the utmost importance and is one of the most attractive aspects of a company, however, it requires consistent development and encouragement of your workers at every level. By respecting and actively listening to your employees, building their skill-sets, ensuring they have the proper tools and knowledge to perform their jobs at the highest level, and developing them as leaders, you make your company more attractive to the boots on the ground and any new recruits. 

See HERE How To Incorporate Lean Leadership Into Your Business Model, the Toyota Way. 


Create a Positive Work Environment

In today's job market, a positive work environment is essential. Employees at every level should be working together as a cohesive team towards a common goal. Here are a few ways that you can create a positive work environment at your workplace:

  • Encourage Teamwork with Goal Setting
  • Welcome and Encourage New Ideas
  • Organize Team Events


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While a positive work environment can certainly curb high turnover rates, another effective way to recruit and retain team members is by offering competitive benefits.  Benefits can show your employees that you care for their health and wellness, and understand that helping them to take care of themselves off the job can lead to better performance ability on the clock.

Benefits packages typically include:

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Retirement savings plans
  • Sick days or Vacation

Employee-Focused Workplace Culture

Empowering employees and developing an employee-focused culture will help not only with retention, but attracting new talent as well. When recruiting new employees, be sure to communicate the benefits of working for your company. Employees are looking for a job in which they feel valued, so showing your appreciation is ever-more important.

Taking the time to make yourself stand out to your current employees and future prospects is a great way to work on attracting and retaining the amazing people you want working for you as a part of your team. Investing in your employees is the first step to the top, and Nesbitt Training can help you get there. 

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