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In the article written by Lisa Gordon entitled “Changing with the Times”, Piling Canada spoke with three business coaches across Canada (Mike Draper from Toronto, Mark Nesbitt from Ottawa, and Cheryl Dyck from Calgary), gathering tips from each on behalf of the many contractors in the construction industry who feel as though they are stuck in a rut when it comes down to taking chances and making changes in their businesses. What was learned, however, was that “positive change is within reach of any company, providing the leader is willing to roll up their sleeves and make a plan”.


Mark Nesbitt, 30-year veteran of the aggregate construction industry and founder of Mark Nesbitt Training and Consulting, spoke seamlessly of inspiration, interaction, and clarification. His philosophy? Communicate, communicate, communicate – your strategy for change must first stem from a clearly outlined plan of action that speaks to your employees, your customers, as well as to your suppliers. After all, according to Nesbitt, “the number one thing people want from their leader is clarity”. Moreover, leaders must be the first to change, says Mark, “and then it’s a matter of explaining your plan to employees and asking for their feedback and ideas … it’s pretty hard to beat face-to-face conversations. People very rarely remember what was said, but they always remember how you made them feel”. This said, it’s crucial to level with your employees. Hear them out. Ask them what they would do differently. “Obtaining their buy-in is essential”.


It’s important to recognize your teammates above all else. This will nonetheless make you a leader that is heard among others. Nesbitt strongly believes that “the best investment any company could ever make is in their people … People appreciate whereas equipment depreciates”. You are encouraged to trust in your team, to believe in your people, to communicate within your company, and to watch as your business furthers itself away from any known rut.



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