Success Leaves Clues 

Success Leaves Clues


Success is the culmination of raw talent, hard work and the proper habits. Oftentimes, successful people leave clues in the work that they do — it’s a matter of picking up on them and implementing them towards our own work. Whether you're part of the leadership or the boots on the ground, there are always opportunities to learn from successful people around you.


Identify successful people.


The first thing you should be doing is identifying the successful people around you in both your personal and professional lives. There are many definitions of success, and many ways to achieve it. Maybe it’s the coworker who everyone respects. Maybe there’s a really effective communicator in your midst. It could even be a member of leadership who climbed the corporate ladder faster than most. Regardless of how they’ve found their success, they’ve been doing something right to get there — and it’s often something quite simple.


Identify what made them successful.


Once you have identified the successful people in your respective work environment, start observing their behaviors. Pay attention to what they do to contribute to their success. This could include things like work ethic, time management skills or honesty. Ask yourself:


  • How do they communicate with others?
  • What is their work ethic like?
  • How do they manage their time?
  • Do they possess any character traits that others value? Such as:
    • Honesty
    • Respect
    • Selflessness
    • Openness to criticism


Ask for advice.


Successful people are often willing to share their knowledge and experience with those who ask. Just remember to be respectful of their time. Achieving success takes time and effort, so make sure to be patient with yourself and stay committed to the process. Pick up on the little things, apply them gradually to your own habits and you’ll be more successful in no time.


If you'd like to learn more, don't hesitate to reach out and connect with me. Any company can benefit from learning new skills, no matter the size.



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