The Power of Podcasts, Leadership Is All About Communication 

Mark Nesbitt spent 30 years in the aggregate, mining, trucking and construction industries before becoming a certified trainer. Mark's leadership training is based on his own experience, and his straight-talking style is appreciated by the many groups he has worked with. 

Mark has provided the full range of training and leadership events from small board room presentations, multi-day large conference coaching and training seminars, and on the job site while wearing safety gear. Mark has always embraced the most effective way to communicate with these various groups. Mark enjoys sharing his passion and helping others.


The Power of Podcasts 

Mark has started to use podcasts. He is now reaching an even broader and more diverse group of leaders and their teams.  Mark has already taken part in a podcast and will be starting his own series very soon. These can be tailored for any group or industry.

Podcasts are a very dynamic way to reach potentially thousands of people. They can be audio or video. Both are sent out on the internet or can be available where people usually get their podcasts. You can stream the files or download them to a computer or smartphone to see or hear them.  If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you have built-in podcast listening apps. 


Advantages of Podcasts 

There are many advantages of using podcasts to provide training and coaching ideas to your team:

  • Ability to give an extremely focused and tailored presentation
  • An on-demand product and extremely easy to listen to 
  • Can be listened to at work, followed by a discussion with the presenter or while driving home or while jogging
  • When you subscribe, new podcasts are automatically downloaded to your phone or computer 
  • Much lower costs than gathering people in one location. There are no postage, printing, or paper costs
  • Very environmentally friendly, no travel, no carbon emitted or paper waste
  • Allows you to collaborate with other leaders in any part of the world while saving travel time and costs
  • An effective way for busy people to better themselves and connect with like-mind people
  • Podcasts are produced very quickly and can address new issues or challenges
  • Companies can build a library of podcasts to be provided to new members of the team or for refresher training
  • It is more powerful to hear someone talking to us. We all connect on a human level to a person's voice as opposed to reading a written document
  • The listeners of a podcast can feel the presenter's passion and enthusiasm. They get to know and respect you 


Podcasts, Another Way To Communicate

The increased use of podcasts will allow Mark to expand his training and coaching opportunities. Whether through physically distanced one-on-one coaching, customizable training sessions, keynote speaking or the use of podcasts, there are many ways that Nesbitt Training can help all organizations build better leaders.



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